Elizabeth Anne McBride, 1942-2009

Elizabeth McBride

Elizabeth McBride

John & Laura McBride are saddened to announce the death at age 66 of their mother, Elizabeth Anne McBride, known as “Anne” to much of her family, eldest child of John Henry Wilmore and Frances Willard Wilmore (maiden name Cox), both deceased. In addition to being a mother, Elizabeth was an author, artist, art critic and more. Her son John (born 1967) is a photographer living in New York City and her daughter Laura (born 1969) is an oncology nurse living in Honolulu with her husband Beau and their daughter Emma. Elizabeth is also survived by her six brothers and sisters: John, Salila (Jean), Cindy, Thomas (James), Ruth and Jerrie Lee. She will be missed by all who knew her.


Portrait of Elizabeth in New York, 1970s

Elizabeth’s father served in WWII and remained in the US Air Force after the Allied victory, and she was raised in a variety of countries including France, Germany and Kwajalein (Marshall Islands). Elizabeth attended Rice University and, later, the University of Houston where she received a master’s degree in creative writing. She married and later divorced Thomas McBride. Elizabeth spent most of her adult life in Houston (interrupted by five years in Poughkeepsie, NY) and then later moved to Marfa, Texas after which she settled in Alpine where she lived until her death.

Memorial arrangements and all other related information will be announced here on this website in order to more easily communicate with everyone interested and concerned. Please check back for the latest updates.

Feel free to contact either John or Laura as well if you desire. If you choose to call, please remember that Laura lives in Hawaii and the time zone difference means that she is often asleep when those of us on the mainland are awake. Hawaii is 5 hours behind Central Time, so if it is noon in Texas it is only 7:00 am in Hawaii.


Marriage to Thomas McBride, 1964

You are welcome to post comments so that you may offer condolences and also to share information as to your plans to attend or not attend service(s) for Elizabeth. Please do not post John McBride’s or Laura McBride’s telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc.  as such information is often abused on the internet. If you wish to contact John or Laura you may do so using the contact information you already have. If you do not have contact information and wish to reach us please do so at the following email address that has just been set up for this purpose:  johnandlauramcbride@gmail.com


Tom & Elizabeth in Washington, DC, late 70s

At the moment, John and Laura are discussing whether to have just one service for Elizabeth, or whether to have a service in Alpine and then a following one in Houston as well. Once again, this information will be posted here first as soon as this has been worked out. A link to the funeral home where she is presently resting is shown on the right, but no plans have been made as of yet – please do not send flowers or make arrangements at this time.


Elizabeth with her mother, Frances, 1944


Houston, late 1960s

Elizabeth was a member of the Episcopal Church and we are sure that she would be happy to be mentioned in your prayers if you are so inclined. Finally, both John and Laura wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who have been a friend to Elizabeth and helped her along the way, no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed at the time.


Photograph of John & Laura taken by Elizabeth, late 70s

John expects to travel to Alpine on Monday, June 1, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Will post again soon…

– John McBride posted May 29, 2009 at 1:30 pm EST

56 Responses to “Elizabeth Anne McBride, 1942-2009”

  1. Martha Salcido says:

    I feel very sorry when I hear about Mrs. Mc Bride departure to God’s manssion, because I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her, and I
    strongly belive that she was a very kind , sweet, inteligent, lady.
    I can not forget when I first meet her she just because game a Huge hug
    and every time she see me, she ask me if she could give me a huge.

    rest in peace, my dear Elizabeth.

  2. Lily Wilson says:

    I remember her with a smile on my face, such an interesting, passionate, supportive and funny human being. She was one of my first customer and so helpful in her words, soothing my budding insecure creativity, a generous spirit.
    The smile is coming back when I remember the trip to Austin we did together in her car, the same car that broke down on the way and left us stranded on the side of the road, it was an unexpected adventure. So long Elizabeth, have a great one on the biggest adventure of all…

  3. Tim Wilde says:

    I was introduced to Elizabeth at the SRU cafeteria Sunday buffet a few months ago. I complimented her for her well-researched reviews in the local paper. She lit up upon hearing this recognition of the extra effort she put into her reviews. She’ll be missed!

  4. Jim Howse says:

    I knew your Mom only slightly but from my perspective back then she was a special person. I celebrate her life and your memories of her. You and your family are in my prayers.

    La Grange, Texas

  5. Lila Havens says:

    Laura and John,

    For no particular reason that I can think of, I had the urge to look for your mother online today, and I quickly found your memorial site for her. Elizabeth was a very kind and supportive presence for me when I was a new student in the Creative Writing Program at UH in the early ’80s. We used to visit when she came in the Brazos Bookstore, where I worked. I still have a fossil she brought me after I housesat for her while she went to the Hill Country. I am sad to think that she’s gone from the world now, but her memory lingers in this loving tribute you’ve made for her. She was a force.

  6. Margaret Tufts Tenney says:

    Laura & John,
    Thank you for this memorial website. I knew your mom in Houston in the early 1980’s through the English Dept. at the University of Houston. We took a couple of poetry workshops together. She was a very generous person and put up with lots of questions from me. I used to go to your house near Rice Village and we would talk about poetry. I once took her some of my poems and left with a kitten! A friend from Marfa just walked in to where I work at UT in Austin and told me she had heard that Elizabeth had passed away. I’m sorry. It makes me sad to think she is not in the world anymore. I treasure the time that I knew her. She is someone I will never forget.

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